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WATCH: Boy Struck By Lightning ‘Should Have Died’ But Lives To Tell His Tale - Video Shows Moment Of Strike

August 17, 2018

A 13-year-old Phoenix boy should have died when a bolt of lightning threw him several feet into the air last week as he walked through an Arizona park with his friend. Now, Josiah Wiedman says his miraculous survival makes him 'feel like Superman' and has given him a new outlook on life.


Wiedman and his friend Javier Tapia were walking home through a field when it started raining. All of a sudden Josiah "this  burst of heat.'" The teen did not realize he'd been struck by lightning before he blacked out.

“As we were walking, I got struck,” he recalled to Good Morning America during an interview on Friday. “Sending me nine feet up into the air, making me bounce on my head and then flip over to my back.”

HIs friend was also struck but did not suffer serious injury, GMA reports. But Josiah was not so lucky. "He suffered a skull fracture and a concussion,” according to the outlet. “The bolt stopped Wiedman’s heart, and a witness rushed over and administered life-saving CPR to the boy.”

So grateful for the actions of the bystander named Cory, Josiah expressed his thanks on air, “You helped me survive. If you weren’t there, I probably would’ve been dead.” The video of the lightning strike shows a sudden burst of bright yellow light hitting the boy.

Josiah's mother has also spoken out about the incident, saying she believes she knows why her son survived.

"Wiedman’s mother said she believes the skateboard the teen was holding took the brunt of the electricity," according to Fox News. "Despite doctors’ initial concerns that he wouldn’t survive, Wiedman managed to make a quick recovery and was released from the hospital on Monday."

Doctors are truly amazed at Josiah's recovery. Fox News reports, “Dr. Craig Egan of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital said the electricity that went through Wideman’s body caused his heart to stop.

“Egan said Wiedman has [had] a quick recovery despite the incident and was ‘amazed there’s not more injury to Josiah or his friend.”’ The teenager was released from the hospital Monday.”

To learn more about this story and to see the actual lightning strike, watch the video, below.