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Boy With Down Syndrome Meets His New Mentor Who Is A Former MMA Fighter. Soon They Form A Friendship That Shows The World That Nothing Is Impossible

October 20, 2017

It is a well-known fact that everyone needs a best-friend in their lives. Best-friends are our constant source of encouragement that helps us see the good in things, even when times are hard. Parker knows the value of a best-friend better than most people, but his friendship is a bit different.

Parker has Down Syndrome and is viewed as different from other people. Parker, however, does not see himself as different from anyone else in the world, because there is someone in his life that helps him see how amazing he is. Parker's daily inspiration comes from a man named Sammy Callari, a former MMA fighter.

Sammy gave up his MMA career in order to do something that, in his eyes, is much more fulfilling. Sammy has become a personal trainer which is what led him to his first meeting with Parker. Parker’s family decided to let Sammy train their son, twice a week, and the two started their journey together.

Sammy's role in Parker's life quickly went from personal trainer to more of a mentor. Sammy not only has taught Parker how to do squats, lift heavy-weights, and run the mile, he's also taught Parker to believe in himself and how to live his life to the fullest. In Sammy's eyes, Parker is the strongest person he has ever trained, and in Parker's eyes, Sammy is the most genuinely kind-hearted person in the world.

Sammy has moved from being a mentor to a best-friend and big-brother to Parker. Parker knows that Sammy believes in him and because of that, Parker believes in himself. Parker knows that there is no mountain that he cannot move and, with Sammy's help, Parker is out to show the world that nothing is impossible, no matter what his circumstances may say! Watch the video, below, to see Sammy and Parker's friendship for yourself.

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