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Amid Nasty Custody Battle With Angelina Jolie, Hollywood Hunk Brad Pitt’s Legal Headache Just Got A Whole Lot Worse

September 14, 2018

As if the ongoing custody battle with soon-to-be ex-wife Angelina Jolie weren’t enough, now Brad Pitt is facing serious legal problems associated with his Charitable Foundation, ‘Make It Right.’

After the devastation of historic Hurricane Katrina destroyed many New Orleans neighborhoods in 2005, families were left without anything - nowhere to live and most of their possessions gone. That’s when Hollywood mega-star Brad Pitt stepped in to try to help.


In December 2006, Brad Pitt and William McDonough together with Graft Architects founded ‘Make It Right’ to rebuild 150 safe, energy-efficient and affordable homes for families from New Orleans Lower 9th Ward who lost everything to Hurricane Katrina.

“As of April 2013, ‘Make It Right’ has completed 90 homes and is working to finish the remaining 60 homes."

But, as they say, 'No good deed goes unpunished…'


"The foundation came under fire in early January 2014 after over two dozen of the green homes built started exhibiting severe signs of rotting. The foundation reported that the homes used special wood products called 'TimberSIL' which is advertised as free from many of the toxic ingredients."


Unfortunately, in their attempt to be more ‘eco-friendly,’ the builders are now facing the backlash from unforeseen problems that have arisen due to the standards of the supplies used in the buildings.


“The wood was unable to withstand the extensive moisture that engulfs the city of New Orleans. The foundation announced they are prepared to pursue all legal remedies if necessary.”


Now, some homeowners have filed suit against the foundation, alleging that their homes are “rotting and dangerous. They complained of mold and collapsing structures, electrical fires and gas leaks.


“The residents said the houses were built too quickly, with low-quality materials, and that the designs didn’t take into account New Orleans’ humid, rainy climate.


“Also, it was reported that ‘Make It Right’ had not built a home, filed tax forms or updated its website since 2015. The downtown New Orleans office had been closed, the staff had been cut to a handful and residents said their calls went unreturned.’"

According to the two residents who brought the lawsuit, Lloyd Francis and Jennifer Decuir, "the foundation has ‘caused and will continue to cause plaintiffs to suffer significant mental distress’ by continuing to ignore the state of their homes.”


Now it will be up to the courts to decide how the situation will be resolved. The foundation claims they are addressing the issues with the homes, but residents complain that not enough is being done and not quickly enough.