Judge Rules For Brad In Custody Question But Angelina ‘Wants To Be Single, Stat’ As Divorce Battle Rages On

August 07, 2018

Celebrity ex-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who have been separated for two years, are still working out the kinks in their divorce. This time, their conflict has to do with the kids’ visitation with dad. According to the judge in their divorce case, the way Jolie is restricting Brad’s access to their kids is “harmful” and if she doesn’t change the way she handles it, she risks losing primary custody of her brood.

The judge’s ruling comes as good news to Pitt, who is already struggling to find time with Maddox (16), Pax (14), Zahara (13), Shiloh (12), and twins Vivienne and Knox (9) because of their mom’s move to London for the summer. Brad resides in California and must travel halfway across the globe in order to see his kids, which he is willing to do.

But, the problem is that Jolie will not even allow the children to have what he considers ‘reasonable’ access to their dad by way of a cell phone during the times he must be in the States.

TMZ reports, “The judge has even laid down a strict new cell phone policy -- Brad will now be able to call and text each child at will -- without Angelina monitoring the convos.

“The report details a new custody schedule for the summer too. Brad will see his kids in London for 10 days in early to mid-June, where he can hang with 1 or 2 of 'em at a time for four hours a day. In late June, he'll get 10 hours a day ... and from early to mid-July he'll get the kids for 4 consecutive days. In late July, they'll be with him in L.A. for about a week.“

Although divorce is a tragedy for any family, especially when there are kids involved, experts agree that facilitating the children’s relationship with both parents is the best way to minimize long-term damage.

And from the sounds of it, it appears that the judge in the Pitt-Jolie case takes this recommendation VERY seriously. Let's just hope all the kids come away from this experience unscathed, with their relationships with both parents intact.

To hear Brad Pitt open up about his divorce from Angelina Joie, watch the video, below.


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