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Brave Horse Trots Up To Pack Of Wild And Hungry Wolves. What The Horse Does Next Will Have You In Disbelief

March 08, 2018

In the countryside of Abruzzo, Italy, photographers stopped along the road after witnessing a beautiful wild horse in her natural element. As they were traveling throughout the country, they were hoping to see some wildlife. But what they saw this day surpassed their greatest expectations.

The horse that they were admiring was an elegant and massive wild paint horse. Her colors were complemented beautifully by the snowy landscape and she was graceful in her stride. As they photographed her, it appeared that she was moving closer to them.

Although, she wasn’t moving closer to them… she was moving closer to something else.

As the photographers tried to anticipate her next move, there grew anxious. Only a couple yards ahead of the horse were a pack of wolves. Wolves have been to prey on horses, especially when they run in a pack. They can work together trap horse between each other and then when the horse has no way to escape, they charge.

The men were worried that this beautiful horse’s life was at great risk. But that seemed to be the very last thing on this horse’s mind because just walked right up next to them!

The photographers were astounded to see the horse trot over to the pack of wolves. Certainly, they were hungry! But this horse didn’t mind one little bit! With all the confidence in the world, she walked up to them. At one point, she even lays down right next to them and rolls on her back! It was almost as if they were friends.

The photographers had never seen anything like this before! They were blown away by how the wild wolves and the confident horse were interacting with each other. Check out the video below! We think this is awesome.


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