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Breaking: DNA Results are Shocking the World- This Beloved Animal No Longer Exist and Shockingly Hasn’t For Centuries

February 25, 2018

It turns out, there’s no such thing as wild horses left in the world. While it’s shocking to hear, it’s even more shocking to know that wild horses haven’t existed for decades.

This truth was recently discovered in a research study, it has been proven that DNA strands from the oldest most researched breed of horse in the world no longer exist today. The research also shows that the horses that were believed to have been the oldest horses, actually aren’t wild at all.

While the research is quite detailed, the conclusion is that every breed of horse that exists today is actually a domestic breed. While horses can be “wild” in the sense that they are not owned by people, they are actually a specific breed, not just “wild.”

Researchers were shocked to discover this but even more shocked to discover that not only do wild horses not exist today, but they haven’t for over 5,000 years!! The oldest researched breed, the Przewalski’s horse, is not actually wild itself!

This changes everything for science because now it is confirmed that there are no root for horses. Because of this, some scientist even think that horses evolved from another animal…

For now, researchers will continue looking for the first signs of the horse species while the rest of the world learns the truth that wild horses don’t exist in the world. Check out the video below to learn more about this latest finding!


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