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Breaking News: McDonald's Announces It Will No Longer Offer Popular Happy Meals

February 15, 2018

In a startling announcement, The McDonald’s Corporation has announced that as of June 1st they will no longer offer Happy Meals containing cheeseburgers or chocolate milk in U.S. stores.

The move comes on the heels on their global initiative to cut calories and provide healthier eating options on their menu for children; the ultimate goal is to have all Happy Meals contain 600 or fewer calories, worldwide, by 2022. They will also offer more fruits and vegetables and reduce the size of the french fries serving.

While on the surface this looks like a sensible plan for helping children improve their nutrition, you may change your mind when you find out that parents can still order cheeseburgers and chocolate milk in the Happy Meals, but they have to specially request it!!

Interesting, too, is that when they eliminated soft drinks from the Happy Meals back in 2013 sales dropped by 14%! I wonder if the same thing will occur after this sure-to-be unpopular change!

What do you think of McDonald’s announcement? Do you think it will have any impact on overall child nutrition in our country and around the world?

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