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Breathtaking Bubble Gum Pink Lake Is One Of The Most Wondrous Sights In The World

January 15, 2018

Lake Hillier in Australia is a gorgeous lake that has been catching the eye of everyone who has seen it since it was originally discovered by explorers on January 15, 1802! It’s drawn many eyes with its beautiful pink coloration! From the sky, it appears to be a vibrant bubble gum color, but from the shores, it is a light rose pink. Photos of the beautiful place have taken the internet by storm, causing intrigue and curiosity to all those who stumble across the pictures.

The lake is extremely salty, and the only thing that can survive there are microorganisms like Dunaliella Salina. The microorganisms cause the salt to produce a red dye which assists in giving the lake it’s color! The shore is also covered in bacteria and salt crusts, which help with the color deposits.

The lake is considered safe to swim in, and the salt content in it is about equal to the level of the Dead Sea. It’s very hard to reach the lake because of its location, leaving visitors with no choice but to take a scenic flight or cruise. The lake is now considered a wetland of “subregional significance” and is safely protected as part of the Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve!