Breathtaking Video of Rare Firework Jellyfish Is Stealing The Hearts Of Everyone Who Sees It

February 16, 2018

The deep ocean hides a multitude of creatures that our minds can’t even imagine. From giant squid and shark, to vibrant and lit up animals of all types.

One of the most stunning creatures hidden in the ocean depths is the Halitrephes Maasi or the Fireworks Jellyfish. This stunning jellyfish is one of the rarest jellyfish who calls the ocean their home.

Near the Socorro Island, off the coast of Mexico, a seafloor exploration was being run by the Ocean Exploration Trust in the winter of 2017. During one of their trips, they came across one of the rare sea creatures.

The jellyfish’s vibrant colors spread through the radial canals in the jellyfish’s bell. The canals form a starburst pattern reflect the light back, adding in splashes of bright yellow and pink.

When there are no explorers lighting up the pitch black, the jellyfish fades from view, blending into the murky darkness. It’s only when we approach and shine a light on them, that the world is treated to this spectacle.

From the first moment that people laid eyes on this magnificent creature, people have been in awe of it, amazed at the sight before them. Who knows what other gorgeous sights lay hidden, down below the waves.