Bride Unexpectedly Stops Wedding Ceremony To Call Out Her Husband’s Ex- Wife. When She Begins Talking, Everyone Loses Composure

November 15, 2017

Love is one of the things that we can’t control. No matter what we dream of, no matter how we hope for things to turn out, no matter how much we feel as though we deserve it, love always has a way of surprising us.

Katie Hild knows this story well. She met her now-husband, Jeremy, just a couple of years ago. When she and Jeremy had their first date, Katie believed that she was about to enter into a real-life Disney fairytale but, there was one thing that she had never planned for along the way: Jeremy had a son.

Of course, this didn’t deter Katie. She loved children and loved the idea of meeting her boyfriend’s child. When she met Landon, she thought he was an extraordinary little boy with a heart of gold. As feelings grew with Jeremy, they grew with his son, as well. Quickly, Katie was in love.

The feeling was reciprocated by both Jeremy and Landon. After a couple years of dating, Jeremy proposed, asking Katie to be his wife. At first, Katie was over-the-moon excited, but those butterflies of excitement quickly turned into anxiety when Katie realized the depth of her new role as a step-mom.

Katie’s “yes” to Jeremy meant a couple things: a “yes” to being a wife, a “yes” to being a mother, and a “yes” to being a co-parent. The last “yes” was perhaps the most daunting to Katie. While she had no doubt that she wanted to marry Jeremy and be in Landon’s life forever, she was fearful about co-parenting with Jeremy’s ex-wife, Casey, and her husband, Tyler.

As the wedding approached, Katie began to feel peace about her new roles. She felt incredibly honored to be the one chosen to support, love, and laugh with Landon along the way and she refused to see her new role as anything but “a gift.” Her “yes” began to feel more and more rewarding as the big day approached, so much so that she penned something special for the people who scared her the most.

During the ceremony, Katie asked the officiant to have Casey and Tyler stand up. The entire audience was stunned as they turned to see Jeremy’s ex-wife and her husband. No one expected what would happen next.

Katie shared some of the noblest and most loving words to her new partners-in-parenting. In that moment, Katie’s words fell on the hearts of everyone in attendance. She truly took her new role seriously. After Katie shared her vows to her future partners-in-parenting, she called over her future-son, Landon. Like the promises she had just made to Casey and Tyler, Katie vowed to Landon, just as lovingly, that she would always be there for his dreams, his heartache, and his accomplishments. By this time, every single person in the audience was in tears, which you’ll see from the video.


Katie’s response to her new roles is truly heart-wrenching and surprising. While she had never imagined her life to turn out this way, she accepted all of it in the most honorable way. Speaking as a child of divorced parents, I think her response towards her new roles is truly inspiring and refreshing. I hope these relationships are everlasting!

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