Prince Harry Admits ‘Felt His Mother’s Spirit’ While He Designed Meghan’s Ring

November 28, 2017

Finally, Prince Harry has found “The One!” After years of being known as the British wild-child, Harry has met his match with American actress, Meghan Markle. The lovebirds dated for just shy of two years before the prince popped the question, making Meghan the happiest girl on Earth!

Prince Harry is the second of two sons born to the late and beloved Diana, Princess of Wales. Prince Harry was only 12 years old when his mother was killed in a tragic car accident. He grieved her loss publicly and suffered through anxiety and severe panic attacks. At an early age, he showed signs of acting-out in rebellion. He quickly earned the title of “British Bad Boy” while his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, was becoming more and more concerned for her grandson’s mental health.

Prince Harry has always been known for his wild streak, just like his late mother. Known for going against the royal norms, both Prince Harry and Princess Diana enjoyed people over politics. Through his “rebellion,” Prince Harry kept his mother’s spirit alive. When he met Meghan Markle, his heart felt a safety and joy that he hadn’t known since his mum was alive.

In July of 2016, the Prince and Meghan were set up by a mutual friend. At the time, Meghan knew very little about the prestigious prince, and Prince Harry had never heard of Meghan. They agreed to meet for a blind date and instantly felt a connection. They spent three quiet months away from the press before they went public with their relationship. During those months, they were able to connect without the stress of public scrutiny - something that had interfered with Prince Harry’s past relationships. It was in those months of solitude and simplicity that they fell in love and, in September, they appeared as a couple for the first time.

Since then, the media have been in a frenzy, while Prince Harry and Meghan remain a respectful and content couple. Just last week, however, the couple secretly became engaged, during a simple night in. The two recall the perfect moment saying, “It was just a simple night. We were roasting chicken and hanging out, and it just happened!” Of course, Prince Harry got down on one knee, but before he could even finish his proposal, Meghan was interrupting excitedly, “Can I say ‘Yes’ now?!”

The ring that Prince Harry gave to his bride-to-be is absolutely stunning and truly special. With one large diamond in the middle and two smaller diamonds on the side, the ring has a unique significance for the couple. The large diamond comes from Botswana, where the couple shared their first vacation together, and the two smaller diamonds are from Prince Harry’s mother’s private jewelry collection. Prince Harry shares that the ring is quite special since it links together so many precious parts of their lives.

Right now, the Prince and Princess-to-be are enjoying their time together. The wedding date has been set for May 2018, and the ceremony will take place at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. After, they will make their home at Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace. Family, friends, and fans are sure to be filled with joy and excitement as they anticipate the royal event!

I am so happy that Prince Harry has found love with a partner who makes him feel close to his mother. We love the diamond ring that he designed for her, and believe Princess Diana would be so thrilled to know that her son has found true love. For a glimpse of the couple, check out the interview, below, recorded moments after their engagement went public!

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