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Prince Charles Set To Become King, But Many People Are Secretly Dreading It - For This Awkward Reason

November 09, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II just turned 92 years old, and with that remarkable milestone comes concerns for her future as Monarch. Will she continue to serve, and what happens if her health starts to fail? Will she hang onto the role, or step aside in favor of her son, Prince Charles, who is 70 years old himself?

Having been Queen for over 66 years. Elizabeth II is the only Monarch many of Britain’s citizens have ever known. They don’t remember Britain without her at the helm. So, the mere thought of a change in that regard is enough to send many of the stalwarts into a tizzy.

No one has ever served as long as Her Majesty the Queen, and no one has ever assumed the position of King or Queen at such an advanced age as Prince Charles already is.

In light of these facts, many people are wondering if the Queen is considering stepping aside so she can retire and allow her son to take on the role he has been groomed for his whole life.

No one is saying, but rumors have run rampant in recent months that the Queen is actually thinking about the unprecedented act of retirement. After all, her husband, Prince Philip, 97, stepped down from all of his official duties last year citing old age as a reason to withdraw from the role he has filled since he married then-Princess Elizabeth in 1947.

Those close to Her Majesty think she deserves to sit back and relax during the final years of her life in the company of her beloved Philip and let the Prince of Wales have his moment to shine.

With talk like this going around, many in the Commonwealth have real concerns that the transition will not be a smooth one and that Charles will be less-than-welcomed in the role.

According to a recent report, “A monarchy without Elizabeth would be a big change for many people. She has been the reigning sovereign for over 60 years, and generations both in the U.K. and around the world are accustomed to her. It already appears that Prince Charles will rule very differently, which makes people nervous.”

Prince Charles, on his own, raises eyebrows because of some of his decisions but when combined with his second wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, it is almost too much for some to bear.

“It’s no secret that Prince Charles’ home country isn’t too fond of him becoming king. He has long been seen as too sensitive to be a ruler, and too stubborn to take good advice when things don’t go his way. He’s also largely seen as being snobby, elitist, and hard to relate to.”

“In some ways, the disappointment has less to do with Prince Charles becoming king and more to do with his second wife, Camilla, becoming queen. The Duchess of Cornwall has been disliked ever since it became public that she was Charles’ mistress while he was married to Princess Diana. When Diana died, Camilla took on some of the public’s blame.”

And there are those who hope that Charles abdicates in favor of his son, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. He and his wife Catherine are immensely popular within the Commonwealth and very few people would bat an eye over the historic “skipping over” of Charles in favor of William.

“While it seems pretty clear that Queen Elizabeth will pass the crown on to Prince Charles, there’s still the slim chance that Charles abdicates the thrown so that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can start their reign.

"That chance is, however, quite slim. Charles and Camilla seem pretty set on being king and queen — even if others don’t like it.”

As with most things in this life that are uncertain, only time will tell. It seems likely that, in spite of many people’s distaste for the idea, Queen Elizabeth’s successor will be the Prince of Wales.

He will step up and become King and, like it or not, his wife Camilla will be his Queen.

With all this uncertainty, there are some things that are pre-determined upon the Queen's death. To learn about those things, watch the video, below.


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