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Brody Was Tied To A Radiator And Left To Die. After 6 Failed Adoptions, She’s Now Happily Living With Her Rescuer

October 20, 2017

Brody is an absolutely gorgeous Pit Bull who is about six years old. She lives with her doting momma who would go to the ends of the Earth for her. Brody loves to sleep on her mom’s bed and go on long car rides to find fun new places to go on walks. Brody also just so happens to be completely deaf! Brody’s life may sound like every dog’s dream, but her life wasn’t always this amazing.

Brody’s previous owner viewed her as only a potential money maker, and he did not care for her. To him, she was an inconvenience, something to be used then disposed of. They bred Brody, and after she had her puppies and they could be weaned, they abandoned this sweet and loving animal to die. They didn’t just abandon her though; they did something much, much worse.

Brody was locked in a room, without food or water, and left to die. To make it worse, they had tied her to a radiator and then cranked the temperature up to 90 degrees. They intended for Brody to die of dehydration, essentially cooking her to death. Then, they left the house behind completely, leaving the pitiful pup to die a horrible and painful death.

Brody was lucky, though, and was found before she died. She was rushed to the vet where they managed to save her life, and then the Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge stepped in to rescue her again. If she’d been sent to a local animal control, she would have survived the radiator only to be potentially euthanized, when no one could see her past her Pit Bull looks. Sadly, no trace of the puppies she’d borne was ever found.

It wasn’t long before someone was willing to take a chance on the sweet Pit Bull, and she was adopted. That arrangement did not work out, however, and she was returned 11 months later. Over the next year, she was adopted and returned four times, due to the extreme Separation Anxiety she suffered from. Finally, she was adopted one last time - her sixth adoption - and, just when it seemed she’d found her final home, she has returned once again. Her adopter had moved to a new place that wouldn’t allow her breed, and they couldn’t keep her.

Three years after she was saved, one of the people who had helped rescue her from certain death, could not stand to see her having to deal with so much loss and adopted Brody herself. She’s now Brody’s forever momma, and they’ve been working together to overcome all of Brody’s problems, like her Separation Anxiety. She’s become a lot better about her anxiety, but it’s unlikely ever to go away completely. Brody’s Momma can’t imagine ever being separated from the loving dog who has had to overcome so much in her life.

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