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Toddler Run Over By Van, Gets Trapped Under Wheels - Bystanding Brothers Perform Super-Human Feat...And That Made All The Difference

August 30, 2018

A story that could have ended in tragedy took a turn for the positive thanks to the quick-thinking action of two brothers who just happened to be nearby when a Minnesota toddler became pinned under a van after being hit while crossing a parking lot at a local park on Saturday.

23-month-old Kenzie Moran was walking with her siblings in a parking lot at Chippewa Park in Brandon Township when a slow-moving vehicle driven by 32-year-old Jason Borstrad accidentally struck the girl.


According to a police report, Borstrad was moving forward as he was parking. Police say after Borstrad’s minivan hit Kenzie the vehicle rolled on top of the little girl.

On Kenzie’s GoFundMe page, her mom Catherine states that her daughter “was pinned under the van for 20 minutes.” The little girl was reportedly trapped under the axle next to the driver’s side front wheel.

After surveying the situation, bystanders could not figure out a way to get the toddler out from under the minivan without injuring her further. That’s when Casey and Dustin Skinner stepped onto the scene and changed everything.


Casey, 17, and his brother, Dustin enlisted the aid of a group of people who dropped everything to rush to the scene. Together, they managed to lift the minivan off the trapped child. Soon, Kenzie's mother was able to get the toddler out from underneath the vehicle.


Soon, the paramedics arrived and began working on the injured child. That’s when Mom, Catherine, was able to speak with the driver of the van. “He was very remorseful and I could see it in his eyes, his sadness,” she said. “His reaction was more shock. I know he didn’t see her.”

And Moran has nothing but praise for all the Good Samaritans who came to the rescue to save the life of her little girl.

“I didn’t know a soul, but they were the most amazing people in the world,” Moran said. “They came to the rescue of my daughter and didn’t think twice about it. I want to thank everyone who helped lift that van off my daughter. They are my heroes.”

According to Forum Communications, “Kenzie has some scrapes and bruises on her back and the side of her head. One of her big toes was severed and broken, but Moran said doctors were able to sew it back on and stitch it up. Kenzie did not have any brain swelling or damage, her mother said, and will be fitted for a walking boot for the toe injury.”

This story could very well have turned out a different way; thank heavens that Kenzie's guardian angels were there just when she needed it most. Please join us in praying for this precious little girl's full recovery.


To learn more about Kenzie's heroes, Dustin and Casey Skinner, and exactly how they performed the miraculous stunt that saved her life, watch the video, below.

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