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Brutally Scalded And Tossed Out 4th Floor Window, Taffy Lay Dying In A Crumpled Heap. Then SHE Walks Up And Changes Everything

When a passerby in Chengdu, China, noticed the lump of something lying in the road, it captured her attention so she moved in for a closer look. The woman was absolutely flabbergasted to discover that the lump was a tiny puppy! Not only was he injured from his fall, but he was severe burns covered most of his body. All because the sweet puppy had chewed on his owner's iPhone!!

Was he even alive? At first, Yan Yaingjin couldn't tell because there was no discernable movement or sound coming from the pitiful pup. She could not stand the thought of the little guy suffering alone in the street and her compassion got the better of her. Without further hesitation, Yaingjin scooped up the animal and took him to the nearest veterinary hospital so he could be examined.

There she heard the distressing diagnosis. The pup was burned over 60% of his body and parts of his skin had melted together. The fact that he hadn't succumbed to his injuries was astounding. The doctor treating the dog told her, "I have never met an animal suffering from such painful wounds!"

They had to bring in a specialist from Hong Kong to restore the puppy to his former healthy self, including surgery to separate the pup's paws that had fused together from the effects of the boiling water.

Taffy, as he was later named, had to live on painkillers for several weeks due to the agony his injuries caused. The healing was slow, but with a loving "mom" pulling for him, he was destined to make a full recovery!

As you might have guessed, once Taffy was stable, Yaingjin took her new pet home with her to complete his rehabilitation and to begin treating him the way he was always meant to be treated.

Now, Taffy's life is full of love, companionship, and the dignity that he so painfully lacked in his last home. He's happy, healthy, and ready to take on the world!

Thanks to the compassion and dedication of a complete stranger, this discarded little doggy has received a very special gift . . .

. . . the undying devotion and unwavering faithfulness of this wonderful stranger who couldn't turn her back on the tragic results of Taffy's former life.

To see Taffy's entire uplifting story, watch the video, below.

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