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Bulldog Has An Itch And Can Only Think Of One Way To Relieve Himself. There’s Only One Problem With His Method And It Leave You Rolling With Laughter

March 20, 2018

You know those moments when you’ve got an itch and nothing can seem to relieve it? No matter how many times you scratch, or itch, and pat, the irritating itch is just too dang persistent.

Meet Cooper! He’s a bulldog with a serious itch! After going to his owner for some much- needed attention, he’s still feeling the irritation of the stubborn itch. He finally walks away and scratches himself with his paw, but even in a back-bending position, he can’t reach the itch!

After staring around the room, wondering if he’ll ever feel relief, Cooper sees his solution.

It’s the perfect size to relieve his itch; he knows that it can get it just right, the itch will go away, and it doesn’t involve him bending backward or using his owner…

Cooper heads straight towards what he knows is his ticket to freedom, otherwise known as the side table. The same side table that was holding the DVD player, cable box, lamp, and stack of movies.

His owner was recording Cooper on her phone, although she had no idea what really was about to happen. His owner was confused and said, “Cooper” in a weary tone. “What is he doing?” she wondered….

That’s when Cooper walked directly under the table. He must have hit the right spot immediately because only a couple seconds after he was under the table, he lifted his body and rocked back and forth! Immediately, everything on the table began shaking!

Cooper was getting the relief he needed and that’s all he cared about! Everything fell off the table and Cooper had absolutely zero remorse! His owner screamed out, “Cooper!” but he didn’t even notice that he had just disrupted the entire table, haha!

Cooper walked away from the table feeling so satisfied. As far as he knew it, life was perfectly fine. Sure, there was a mess of everything on the ground, but at least Cooper was satisfied! Check out the video below, we promise you’ll laugh at Cooper’s lack of awareness for the table that he destroyed.


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