Bulldog Is Furious With Mom Over His New Sweater, Immediately Lets Her Know Exactly How He Feels In Adorable Fashion

August 08, 2017

It is obviously a growing trend to dress pets up in adorable and, at times, ridiculous outfits. For some pet owners, they want their pet to be warm in the winter so they get them a cozy sweater to wear. For others, they want their pet to match their outfit for Halloween so, naturally, they find a costume that is just the right size for the furry friend. No one, however, seems to ask whether or not their pet actually wants to wear the outfits they are forced to wear. Apparently, no one asked the bulldog in this story whether or not he wanted to wear his new sweater and he was not happy about it at all.

One day, a little bulldog named Marshall was sitting in the living room of his mom's home, relaxing and minding his own business. When his mom came into the room, Marshall was excited to see her, until he saw what she was holding. It was a red and white striped sweater. The article of clothing was much too small for his mom to wear, which only meant one thing. The sweater was for Marshall to wear. The little dog could only sit and wait as his mom put the sweater on him. Once the deed was done, Marshall couldn't take it and went and sat in the corner to pout.

Marshall refused to look at his mom, despite all her musings of how adorable he looked in his new sweater. He grunted and barked his disapproval of the whole situation. Marshall's mom kept trying to talk to him but, even when he went to get a drink of water, he walked right by her as if she did not exist. Marshall was obviously not a fan of fashion at all. His reaction to his mom would have seemed rude if it wasn't so adorable. I guess some dogs just weren't cut out to be models. Watch the video below and laugh along with me as Marshall gives his mom an adorable and hilarious cold shoulder.

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