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Bunny Is Born With A Genetic Disorder Causing Him To Be Hairless. He Was Destined For Death Until One Family Shows Up, Completely Turning His Life Around

August 31, 2017

There are few things more precious than tiny little animals. Their small feet, tiny eyes, and curious nature are enough to make any animal lover weak in the knees. From time to time, however, some animals are born looking a little different from the rest. Just because they are different doesn’t make them any less special but, unfortunately, some people don’t see it that way.

Some people see an animal’s difference as a problem, rendering the creature virtually useless to them. While we animal lovers have a hard time understanding how some people can be so heartless, the fact of the matter is it's still true. They are tossed aside, like trash, even though they still have so much life to live.


A small bunny rabbit named Mr. Bigglesworth understands this unfortunate scenario all too well. From the moment he was born, his breeder knew he was different. He was deemed unworthy of love because of the genetic disorder that caused him to be hairless.

Now, at a mere two-months-old, he has so much life to live! Despite his condition, he still functions the very same as any furry bunny does. As if by divine intervention, a wonderful family hears about the little bunny. They know they have to do something to spare this little animal’s life.


They decide to take him in as one of their own and love him just as they do the other rescue pets in the house. It was love at first sight for this family and Mr. Bigglesworth, not only for his differences, but also for his darling personality. Because of his unique features, he has a huge following on Instagram, where he continues to bring smiles to thousands on a daily basis.

Animals like Mr. Bigglesworth help us remember that, no matter how different we may be from others, we still have so much to offer to those around us. We can use our differences as a platform to encourage and inspire others in similar situations. Check out the video, below, to watch the adorable Mr. Bigglesworth hop around and joyfully play with his loving family!

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