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Bunny Is Rescued From The Brink Of Death. With Love And Patience, 'Hope' Finally Learns To Trust Again

November 14, 2017

There are certain phrases that we hear throughout our lives that help define how we live day by day. One phrase that is especially important to me is "It's not how you start, but how you finish." This phrase lets me know that although life may start out rough, we can always make it something glorious in the end. This fact also rings true for a very special bunny who is aptly named, "Hope."

Hope's life starts out in less than ideal circumstances, to say the least. She is neglected for days on end, and her owners force her to live in a small cage, which they do not clean. Hope is soon covered in urine, and other types of sick, and her owners shave her fur off, as if that will help her get clean. All seems lost for Hope until a rescue team hears about her and rushes to save her life. The team opens Hope's cage and removes her from her terrible environment, but Hope's journey to recovery is only just beginning.

The rescue team takes Hope to Binks Rabbit Rescue where they check her for injuries and give her food and fluids. After that, Hope receives a well-deserved bath. Once she is clean and dry, Hope falls asleep almost instantly. The rescuers are confident that, by morning, Hope will be ready to go to her foster home. While Hope is indeed strong enough to make the trip to her foster mom's house, the bunny seems utterly afraid of human contact and refuses to approach anyone willingly.

Hope's new foster mom, Amy, is determined to give the bunny the best life possible and takes baby-steps, day by day, in order to show Hope that there is nothing to be afraid of anymore. For quite some time, Hope refuses to leave a certain corner of the house, without a bribe of food being offered to her by Amy. Amy never loses hope for Hope, however, and, slowly but surely, the Bunny begins to see the truth of her new surroundings; she is finally safe and, more importantly, loved.

Hope starts showing signs of trust around Amy and her family, and it doesn't take long for the bunny to display her natural curiosity when it comes to exploring her new home. Amy builds Hope a play-house out of cardboard boxes, and the bunny spends hours going in and out of it, having the time of her life. Hope is truly home, for the first time in her life.

Amy soon decides that instead of waiting for someone else to give Hope her forever home, that she will be Hope's forever home. Amy becomes what is known as a "Foster Failure" which sounds negative but in reality is the best thing to be when it comes to fostering animals. Amy is not simply a foster mom to Hope anymore, she is Hopes forever mom and will love the bunny for the rest of her days. Hope's life may have started out in the worst of circumstances, but her happiness now wipes away any memory of her past pain. Hope's story is one that shows us all just how powerful love and patience really are!

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