Caitlyn Had Her Mouth Taped Shut. Now She's An Ambassador For Abused Dogs And She Got To Have Her Best Day Ever!

August 09, 2017

The Story of Caitlyn began in May 2015 when a photo of the beautiful staffie-mix went viral. Her, now former, owner had taped her mouth shut with electrical tape for barking too much. When the veterinarians removed the tape, she screamed in pain. The tape had been so tight that it had cut off circulation to her tongue, and she ended up losing a portion of it. 

Since Caitlyn’s story went viral, she has become an ambassador for abused dogs all over. Her story of healing has touched the lives of so many people because if you look at what she endured and how far she has come since then you can’t help but see the power of love and resilience. BarkPost decided to reward her with a Dog’s Best Day. During which, she gets to do all of her favorite activities!

Caitlyn’s Best Day started with her getting the “Bone To the City” in North Charleston where she lives.The mayor himself presented her with a little bone shaped dog tag on a white ribbon that he tied on her as the crowd clapped and cheered for this sweet pup. 

From the ceremony, they went to the park where a very large box was wrapped like a Christmas present with a big bow on top just waiting for her. Inside of the box? All of the tennis balls she could ever need! Caitlyn got to play the best game of fetch with squeaky tennis balls. She was so excited about all of the balls she accidentally knocked over the box and spilled them all over!

From there, Caitlyn got to go be the honorary firehouse dog for the day! She had grown to love the firehouse when she helped them pose in their 2016 and 2017 calendars. Her favorite firefighter is Josh Allen, and they have spent a lot of time together. When Caitlyn was sick, Josh even came to visit her at the Veterinary Hospital.

After her busy day as a firehouse dog, Caitlyn got to wrap up her day at Starbucks. She loves their whipped cream, so she got a big old helping of it that her momma gave to her spoonful by spoonful. From there, she went to the Charleston Animal Society where she was treated with a toy and treat bonanza! Then they brought her friends so they could all play together

Since this video, Caitlyn’s abuser has been sentenced to five years in jail - the legal maximum in South Carolina. She has been officially adopted by her foster family and she will remain with her loving family for the rest of her, hopefully long, life.

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