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California To Ban All Kids’ Drinks At Restaurants Except Milk And Water - Have They Gone Too Far?

August 21, 2018

California is becoming known as ‘the state that bans’ and it’s latest move has left rational-minded citizens scratching their heads. Now, they are taking aim at what legislators believe is causing childhood obesity and are taking legal action to make sure it is eliminated.

Fox News reports, “California lawmakers are looking to pass a bill that would require restaurants to serve only water or unflavored milk with kids' meals in hopes of combating obesity and other diseases linked to sugar consumption.


“Senate Bill 1192 passed the Assembly on Thursday but still requires one more vote before being signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.” Knowing the political leanings of the Governor, it’s as good as a done deal.

Now some residents are speaking out, not only to express resentment of ever-increasing government intrusion into their families' lives but also to point out some of the glaring inconsistencies in how the state legislates: 


“#California won't allow kids to have sugary drinks but allows them to drink milk for cows intended for calves and eat obesity-causing fast food. Nice. Next up: California bans all food and drinks…”


"CA has a new bill that would ban kids from sugary drinks in restaurants - only unflavored milk & water would be allowed. So fried chicken nuggets & greasy French fries, but no chocolate milk? 🤔

"Kids in CA can pick their own genders, but can’t choose between juice & water. Sad."

Some (like U.S. Representative from California Darrell Issa) resorted to sarcasm to make their point:


"With straw restrictions, plastic bag bans, juice rules, soon California servers will need a law degree."

Americans from other states are thanking their lucky stars that they don't live in California, decrying the 'Nanny State" mentality of lawmakers who don't believe parents can be trusted to make good decisions for their own kids:


"Nothing new if you think about it. California bans stuff, that’s how it works"


"Nanny state, WOW glad I live in texas where I get to choose how my kids are raised. Maybe if california woukld work on morals instead of bans they would be better off. Jus saying"

California won’t be the first state to institute this ban. Fox News reports, “In July, Baltimore became the biggest U.S. city and first on the East Coast to pass a similar ordinance, barring restaurants from serving unhealthy sugary beverages with kids’ meals and instead opting for milk, 100 percent fruit juices, water, and flavored or sparkling water without added sweeteners.

“Baltimore restaurants that don't comply with the ordinance will be faced with a $100 penalty.”