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Calling All Daytime Drama Fans - Here’s What Your Name Would Be If You Were On A Soap Opera

December 04, 2017

Ahh, soap operas. One of the most enticing and enduring genres that have ever occurred on television. Soap operas are truly entertainment darlings.

Soap operas have been around since the 1930s when the first recognized soap operas began airing on the radio. At the time, the dialogues were played for 15 minutes over the radio. Quickly, the 15-minute daily dialogues grew a shocking following, and by the 1950s the original radio format had such a following that it made the switch to television.

Once the media phenomenon had made it’s way to television networks, there were no plans to cut back. Soap operas quickly began dominating daytime television and, without wasting any time, millions of people became loyal viewers. Quickly, several shows rose to the top of television rating charts.

Some of the most popular daytime soaps have been “Days of Our Lives,” “General Hospital,” “All My Children,”  and of course, “The Young And The Restless.” These shows are known for improbable story lines, and outrageous characters and their absolutely intriguing lives. When the characters have been developing for years - and sometimes decades - many viewers feel a real emotional connection to the show’s characters.

In keeping with the genre’s tendency toward exaggeration, the names of soap opera characters are just as unlikely as the lives they’re living. The characters have lavish names like, “Fallon Carrington Colby,” “Echo DiSavoy,” “Blade Bladeson,” “Asa Buchanan,” and “Jackson Montgomery.” Pretty fantastic, right?!

Have you ever wondered what your soap opera name would be? It’s fun to think about and easy to create! Simply mix your middle name with the street you grew up on. For example, if your name is Kim Jeannette Henderson and you grew up on Evergreen Lane, your soap star name would “Jeannette Evergreen.” I’d say it’s pretty romantic!

Try it for yourself! What’s your soap star name? Leave us the result in the comments on Facebook!

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