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Camera Shy Dog Give Owner Something To Smile About. His Unexpected Response Will Make Your Day

March 02, 2018

Sometimes, we need a little pick-me-up. Something that unexpectedly turns our days around in the sweetest and most simple way. Today, we found the perfect dog to do just that!

Meet Bob! Bob is an adorable pup with soft spot of people. As his owner starts recording his responses on camera, Bob shows his sweet side.

As his owner starts recording, Bob appears to be camera shy. But his owner knows better. She says to him, “Smile, Bob…Smile!” But Bob shows his camera shy side and bashfully looks down.

Knowing that Bob has something he wants people to know, she says again, “Smile! Do you need water? Say ‘Hi,’ Bob!”

Guess what Bob does next! He smiles!!

His smile is so big and happy! It almost looks photoshopped! I don’t know about you, but Bob totally turned my day around with his cheeky grin! That’s just not something that you see dogs do!! Isn’t it just the cutest thing ever!

Check out the video below to see Bob grin from ear to ear! He might have been a little shy at first, but he’s one sweet pup! Thanks for cheering us all up, Bob! You are just too cute!


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