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Camilla Caught Wearing Princess Diana’s Most Cherished Wedding Gift. When You See It, You’ll Be Lost For Words

April 10, 2018

Princess Diana’s relationship with Prince Charles always appeared to enchant and romanticize the world. It seemed flawless, lovely, and honest. Although looking back, we realize now that the relationship wasn’t without major flaws.

One of the most invasive factors of their relationship was Charles’ long-time friend, Camilla Parker. Camilla was almost always in the picture, and as the public relationship between Princess Di and Prince Charles grew, so did the secret relationship of Camilla and Prince Charles. Nearly 9 years into their marriage, and 7 years into the secretive affair, Princess Diana finally confronted Camilla at a party. Hoping to take back her marriage, Princess Di boldly addressed the affair. Sadly, the affair between Prince Charles and Camilla continued.

The marriage between Princess Di and Prince Charles ended only a couple years later in 1996. Once the couple was divorced, Princess Diana lost her official title as “Princess.” In ending her marriage, she gave up the right to several royal privileges and gifts. Diana tragically died only a year later in 1997.

Prince Charles and Camilla married in 2005. Once the couple’s marriage was official, Camilla was given one of the same wedding gifts that Princess Diana was given once she married into the Royal Family. One recycled wedding gift, in particular, has been known to cause quite a commotion amongst Princess Di fans.

Throughout much of her marriage, Princess Diana was photographed wearing a very precious wedding gift: The Prince of Wales Feathers brooch.

A family heirloom, the brooch had been passed down from Queen Alexandra to Queen Mary, and then to the Queen Mother. Diana had been presented with the brooch by the Queen Mother as a dear wedding and “welcome to the family” gift. Diana wore the brooch with beaming pride.

Sadly, Diana had to return the gift after her marriage ended. Shockingly, the brooch has made its way back into the spotlight. Although this time around, it’s being showcased by Camilla.

Princess Di’s brooch was first recognized at a film premiere in London. Immediately, the public responded in shock. The Daily Mail Reported that Prince Charles was determined for his new “bride to wear the family heirloom simply because of its connection with the successive princes of Wales.” His request has caused quite a stir amongst Diana's fans.

Each time Camilla is photographed in the brooch, one is reminded of the shocking love triangle between Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Camilla. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below!


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