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Camilla Parker Bowles And Meghan Markle’s Unorthodox Behavior At Recent Event Is Causing A Stir On The Internet, And It's All Anyone Can Talk About

May 22, 2018

The most highly anticipated event has finally come and gone. Prince Harry of Wales has gone from being the mischievous palace bachelor to beaming husband. He and his wife, Meghan Markle, have taken on the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex and are already back to work just three days after their ceremony.

May 19th turned out just as everyone had imagined. The groom looked impeccable; the bride oozed grace and elegance, the decor was simply dreamy.

All ten of the page boys and flower girls made it down the long aisle just as rehearsed. Prince George and Princess Charlotte, in particular, made us all a bit teary-eyed to see just how much they’ve grown up.

The bride and groom had a couple of days for some downtime before jumping back into action. On May 22nd, they made their first debut as a married couple. Their appearances surely didn’t disappoint.

Meghan looked as elegant as ever before in her first appearance as Duchess of Sussex. Her attire was classic, and her hair was very reminiscent of how her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, wears hers from time to time. For today, at least, the new Duchess has exchanged her messy American bun for a sleek and polished updo.

Her behavior around her new family was everything we had hoped for and more. She kept close to her father-in-law and mother-in-law, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. They made it quite evident that they are thrilled to finally be family as the ladies were chatty and all smiles throughout the occasion.

At one moment in the day, Camilla and Meghan noticeably broke their elegant behavior, and the reason was nothing like anyone could have anticipated. Prince Harry was proudly giving a speech on behalf of his father’s 70th birthday.

His words were powerful, bold and full of adoration. Camilla, Meghan, and Charles all beamed with pride as he spoke. Amid speaking, though, a nosey bumblebee saw fit to mix things up a bit. As Harry spoke, it buzzed about his face, completely throwing him off his train of thought.

He chuckled as he swatted it away, and Camilla and Meghan could contain their emotions no longer. The two snickered in unison as they watched him batter about the bee and try to regain his composure to finish off the speech.


Thankfully, photographers present happened to catch the adorable moment, and the internet has gone wild with excitement over the images. Their smiles, behaviors, and mannerisms all prove that they cohesively have a strong bond that will last a lifetime.

We are overjoyed that Prince Harry finally has a beautiful bride who loves and adores him. We wish the happy newlyweds a lifetime of happiness!


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