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Camilla Parker Bowles May Become Queen, But The Voices Of Those Who Matter Most Could Determine Everything

March 07, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II is the reigning British monarch and has been for 63 year. At 91-years-old, her age has caused quite a stir. As the longest reigning monarch in history, we can only wonder what will change when the next heir takes over the crown.

The next in line for The Throne is Her Majesty’s eldest son, Charles, Prince of Wales. When he accedes to The Throne, his title will change to King Charles. His wife, currently titled HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, will also have a change in title.

Although, whether or not it will be “Queen” is in question.

Clarence House, where all official affairs are decided upon for The Prince and Duchess of Cornwall, has been quite public about what’s to come. In previous announcements, it was stated that the Duchess would not take on the title of “Queen,” but rather, she would go by “Her Royal Highness The Princess Consort.”

However, in recent months, two Royal Butlers have shared that she very well might gain the title of “Queen.” Prince Charles is said that he’d like the Duchess to be Queen, although he knows that it’s not entirely up to him. Strikingly enough, the choice may be up to public opinion.

This could raise concerns for the Duchess if she wishes to be Queen. The Duchess of Cornwall has had an interesting relationship with the public since long before her marriage to Prince Charles. Many recall the love triangle with Prince Charles, his first wife, Princess Diana, and Camilla. After years of dramatics and the tragic death of Princess Di, Prince Charles and Camilla married in 2005.

Her relationship has developed quite nicely over the last couple years, and the public has taken a liking to her. There could be a chance that she’ll become Queen after all!

Ultimately, the decision is up to the public. In the meantime, regarding what else might happen after Queen Elizabeth no longer reigns:


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