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Camilla Parker Bowles’ Recent Behavior Left Many People Wondering If She Will Be Able To Handle The Pressure Of Being Queen

May 15, 2018

Being a royal sounds incredibly glamorous, doesn’t it? Your name is known globally as being connected to the throne in one way or another; you jet set all around the world, you mingle with the most influential people. What’s not to enjoy?

For some, this privilege is well loved and very appreciated. They take it in stride and are the epitome of what a royal should look like. For others, the wear and tear of the job can be a bit overwhelming at times.

When Camilla Parker Bowles stepped into the royal spotlight many years ago, it wasn’t for an honorable reason. While Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married, Camilla and Charles fell in love, and the news spread like wildfire.

From that moment, she permanently soiled any reputation she may have had in the eye of the public. Now, many years after the affair, a grudge is still held by many towards the now Duchess of Cornwall.

As Queen Elizabeth grows older, the inevitable topic of conversation - confirming her successor to the throne - has come about. If tradition holds, the heir is none other than Prince Charles. Because of his less than spotless past, many feel there are other family members more suitable for the position.

When Charles becomes King, this will mean Camilla could land the title of Queen. This not only comes with a title but a grand amount of work. Is Camilla capable of handling such task? After some recent appearances, many are a bit leery of this being certain.

Camilla and Prince Charles recently spent some time in France and Greece just days before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot. While at an outing, a strong gust of wind whipped through, causing Camilla’s hair and dress to flutter about.

Photographers just so happened to snap a picture of her during this time, and her expression was not a typical one. Her lips were pursed and she appeared very overwhelmed, stressed, and fed up.

This has given many people reason to believe that as the tension builds in the palace, so does the stress weighing upon her. Will she be able to handle the task before her or will she crumble from the weight?

Do you think Charles and Camilla are fit to run the throne?


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