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Camilla Parker Bowles Finally Reveals True Feelings On Her Son’s Wedding Day And Her Response Will Chill You To The Bone

May 21, 2018

Alas, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are married! On May 19th, over 29 million people tuned in for the wedding of the century. I think it’s safe to say that the love story that no one ever suspected has become the love story that everyone as fallen utterly in love with.

Well, almost…

One familiar face in the crowd appeared to be rather withdrawn from the fairytale moment. Camilla Parker Bowles sat in the first row in the Chapel and watched her stepson marry the love of his life. The most shocking part? She hardly cracked a smile.

Many were confused by the Duchess of Cornwall’s demeanor; for so many reasons, one would assume that she would be more thrilled than most for the somewhat unorthodox wedding.

The relationship and marriage of Harry and Meghan, the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have overstepped more than 1000 years of traditions. Meghan- an American, an actress, a commoner, an African American, and divorcee- has quite simply modernized so much of the traditional Royal Family.

The Royal Family member with a similarly unique journey into the family is- of course- Camilla Parker Bowles. Camilla’s experience with the Royal Family has been anything but traditional. Since her twenties, she’s been in a messy and dramatic relationship with Prince Charles, both while he was married and single. For years, she was then known as “the other woman” who disrupted the world’s most beloved marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Now, Camilla is married and living the life she so desperately wanted for decades- you’d think she of all people would be thrilled at the wedding. So why was she so dismal during the ceremony?


Many believe that she was thinking one thing: if things were as different today as they are now, perhaps she could have a wedding celebration like her stepson…

What are your thoughts on Camilla’s grim expressions during the monumental day? Do you think she was saddened by “if only’s,” or do you think she was simply expressionless throughout the day? Let us know in the comment section on Facebook!


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