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Camilla Parker Bowles True Feelings About Kate Middleton Emerge, Shining Light On Some Shocking Family Drama

March 20, 2018

According to the media, the life of the British Royal Family is nothing short of magnificently glamorous. They spend their time in castles and palaces, taking trips via private jets and fancy yachts. Their clothing is perfectly tailored, and their hair is never unkempt or out of place.

Every member of the family knows their place and their position as heirs to the throne. It isn’t a battle as to who the next successor will be after Queen Elizabeth, though many have openly stated opinions on the matter.

According to royal tradition, the next in line for King will be Prince Charles. If it were up to the public, though, many would prefer it be Prince William. According to a poll taken in 2017, 56 percent of Brits would prefer Pring William to take the throne. Only 13 percent think Prince Charles should be the next King.

Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, has a lot to say about those speculations, though. A book written by Tom Bower called “Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion, and Defiance of Prince Charles” shed light on how the heir and his bride feel about all the controversy swirling around them.

It goes without saying that if William surpassed his father in taking the throne, the Duchess of Cambridge would be the Queen. In Camilla-like fashion, the Duchess of Cornwall has a thing or two to say about those preferences.

As stated in the book, “Camilla was unconcerned about Kate taking the limelight. Camilla also dismissed the presumption that Kate would be the first commoner Queen. ‘That’ll be me,’ she said with a laugh.”

While Camilla gives the impression that she feels unthreatened by her more famous daughter-in-law, Prince Charles feels a little differently. He notices the ever-increasing popularity of his eldest son and wife and does feel threatened by them. According to sources, “Charles saw Kate and William as the new stars and feared he’d be in trouble.”

Despite the feelings of Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate continue with heads held high and ignored the family drama. They both know their place and are respectfully in no hurry to take reign next, despite what the public might feel.

Does this come as a shock to you? We only hope that the animosity stated doesn’t hinder their relationships too much.


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