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Camilla Gets Serious About Meghan Markle Marrying Her Son, And Her Confession Is Leaving Everyone Dying To Hear More

August 01, 2018

Meghan Markle’s journey into the Royal Family has been nothing but surprising; from the secret months of dating to the courtship to the speedy engagement- it all happened so fast! Now, more than three months in and nearly every person has been incredibly fascinated by Meghan’s transition into the Royal Family.

And while there are loads of opinions out there, one royal family member has had a lot to say, and her response is arguably one of the most controversial…

Camilla Parker Bowles, or more commonly known as the Duchess of Cornwall, married Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles, after years of a secretive affair. While Camilla is not Harry’s biological mother, she has been around him since the beginning of his life. She’s seen him at his worst, and now at his best.

Once news became public that Meghan and Harry were dating, the royal family was pressed with their thoughts on the matter. While many kept the opinions to themselves, Camilla shared her honest opinions in quite a shocking manner.

Upon the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan’s engagement, Camilla offered up a very opinionated thought on the matter.

She shared candidly, “Absolutely thrilled — it’s brilliant. And, as I said, America’s loss is our gain. We’re all absolutely delighted. As you can see, they’re so happy. And sometimes, in a climate where we’re surrounded by a lot of bad news, it’s a real joy to have a bit of good news for once. And, as I said before, we’re delighted.”


Fans were shocked to hear Camilla have such in-depth thoughts on the matter. The Royal Family live by one saying when it comes to sharing opinions: Refrain and don’t explain.

However, Camilla went on the share quite a bit more! No one expected her to share so candidly, and they certainly didn’t expect her to bring it up again. But later that day, Camilla shared once more what she thought of Meghan Markle.


Camilla simply said, “She’s a star.”

While other royal family members appear supportive of Harry and Meghan, Camilla has gone above and beyond with her blessing and encouragement! In fact, Camilla and Meghan have gotten extraordinarily close since the wedding!

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