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Camilla Suffers Major Backlash After Public Claims That She Is ‘Unforgivable.’ One Question Remains: Will She Ever Be Queen

April 16, 2018

Since the beginning of Camilla’s entrance into the Royal Family (she was good friends with Prince Charles before he and Princess Diana began a relationship), she has always been seen as untrustworthy. Once the secretive affair became public knowledge, the world could hardly cope with the betrayal of the future King and the one that he had chosen to be his partner.

Camilla married Prince Charles in 2005. Charles is first in line for the throne and after his dear mother, Queen Elizabeth, passes or decides to retire, Charles will become King. Technically, the reigning monarch’s spouse would receive the equivalent title, making Camilla Queen (Or Queen Consort rather, because she would be the King’s wife). However, the British public is not entirely fond of that title for Camilla.

As days pass, Prince Charles nears being King. Recently, Prince Charles and Camilla have been preparing for their inevitable roles as the sovereign. In the most recent years, Camilla has been studied by experts who say that she is actively preparing to be Queen by mirroring Queen Elizabeth at royal events.

After the public learned of her efforts, they were in total disgust to learn that she genuinely thought she had a chance at becoming Queen one day. Camilla experienced tragic backlash for her efforts.

Many took to Facebook and insisted that Camilla will “never be accepted by the British public”. Another shared  “I don’t know any British nor any citizen of the Commonwealth who accepts her as a future queen.” One even suggested that the monarchy will end entirely if she is made Queen by saying: “It will be the end of the royal family if she does.” Another said: “No way, the monarchy is finished if that happens.”

After receiving such disheartening responses, one Royal commentator took the complete opposite stance and urged people to see why Camilla deserved the title of Queen. Charlie Proctor the editor-in-chief of Royal Central, said: “The Duchess of Cornwall is one of the most active members of the Royal Family, officially representing The Queen on countless occasions across the world. It is high time that the media and the general public forget about her past indiscretions. Instead, we should focus on her charity work and her tireless devotion to charity, the country, and the Commonwealth. Can you think of any one time she has ever put a foot wrong as a member of the Royal Family? I certainly can’t!”

While Camilla has absolutely had a rocky road into the Royal Family, Proctor does make a good point- since being a member of the Royal Family, she has done no wrong. Even the Royal Family themselves- the family that had to go through the heartbreak of the affair- has forgiven her.

What do you think about this? Do you think people should overlook her introducing into the family and be prepared for her to be their Queen, or do you think what she did was unacceptable entirely? Share in the comments but be sure to keep it kind!


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