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Can You Find The Incorrect Items In This Photo? It’s Harder Than It Seems

January 17, 2018

Is there anything better than a good vacation? You enthusiastically pack your suitcase with all of your essentials, have your entire trip planned out, and are ready to head out the door! The moment you step into the hotel lobby, you take a deep breath of satisfaction because you know that relaxation is only a few brief moments away.

If you step into the Blunder Hotel, though, relaxation is the last thing that would be on your mind. Chaos swarms in every corner! "Highlights for Children" has released a 'Picture Puzzler' of this fictitious hotel on their Facebook page and it’s quite a doozy. From the bustling new guests to the folks lounging by the lobby fountain, there is plenty to see.

via Highlights For Children

Since things are quite amiss, it’s up to you to figure out just what happens to be out of place in this scenario. This puzzle is quite difficult to figure out and might take a little extra concentration, but it is just as fun as ever! How many mishaps are you able to find in the photo?

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