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Can You Guess When These Were The Most Popular Girl Names?

January 23, 2018

Lately, unconventional baby girl names like Basil, North, Blue, and Rainbow are taking over media, while many people are left wondering where the classic names went and if they’ll ever make a comeback.

In light of all of the recent celebrity babies that have been born with unique names, we’re throwing it back to some of the most popular baby names in history!

I’m more a fan of timeless names, ones that never go out of style. In my longing for classic names in the midst of an evolving culture, I decided to learn more about the most popular names during, what feels like, another life.

Some of the most popular names of today don’t really even seem to make sense, especially after looking back at the most popular baby names between 1940 and 1970. Vintage baby names are truly timeless and strong. Here are some of the most popular names!

Mary, Dorothy, Helen, Betty, Margaret, Ruth, Doris, Shirley, Gloria, Jane, Diane, and last but certainly not least, Deborah.

Those are the names that I love and miss! Do you happen to have one of the most popular female names as your own? And if so, has anyone ever shared your name with you? I was named after my grandmother and I plan to name my daughter after her, as well!

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