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Mega Famous Actress Lands Serious Hospital Stay After Being Run Over By Her Brother - Now She’s Needing Your Prayers

December 07, 2018

One of the most familiar faces in the tv world is in need of your prayers after a severe accident.

Hallmark’s golden girl, Candace Cameron Bure, landed herself in the hospital on December 6 after a go-karting adventure gone wrong.

While spending time with her brother, Kirk Cameron, and her sisters, Melissa and Bridgette Cameron, something went awry, causing a great deal of injury to the 42-year-old actress.

In the video she posted on Instagram, she told a little more about the situation. While remaining her usual light-hearted self, she said, “Our fun family day ended up with me in the emergency room. Got into a go-karting accident where my brother ran me over. I’m waiting to see if I broke my hand...or fractured it or what.”

Bure later reported back to her followers with the final verdict: “I’ve been released now but [I] was in the ER. Clearly, I am fine, but got some damage to my hand, but it’s not broken, and my shoulder, but it’s not broken.”

“Our fun family day ended up with me in the emergency room. They got my rings off and that was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced.”

Just hours before their fun-filled adventure together, the happy group of siblings took a photo together to document their time. Bure captioned it: “The Cameron kids 2018. Getting some good ol’ fashioned family time in with my brother and sisters. #FunTimes at mom and dad’s house.”

While, thankfully, her injuries weren’t severe, she will still have quite a bit of time recovering. Our thoughts and prayers are with her as she heals!!

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