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WILD VIDEO: Carjacking Victim Refuses To Surrender Vehicle, Hangs On For Dear Life As Thief Makes High-Speed Getaway

September 12, 2018

What started out as a selfless act of kindness, ended up as a wild ride through the streets of Los Angeles, California - the last thing he ever expected to happen after stopping to help a stranded motorist.

Police tell Fox News that the victim had pulled over to the side of the road to help another motorist with a flat tire. “The carjacker then apparently hopped inside the victim’s car while it was unattended and took off.” Before the thief had time to get very far, the victim sprang into action to try to prevent the crime.

The unbelievable incident was caught on video by another driver who happened to notice what was going down. In the video, you can see the carjacking victim “being dragged along the road as the thief tried to speed away while he was clinging to the vehicle’s door.

“The video shows sparks flying from the roadway as the victim’s steel-tipped boots dragged along its surface. After about three-quarters of a mile, the victim let go"

Reed Pellerin is the man whose quick-thinking reaction to what was unfolding led to our having this thrilling yet frightening video of an unbelievable situation.

At first, Pellerin thought it was something else entirely, “The guy was hanging from the car [and I thought] they had gotten into an altercation…like road rage...I thought it was road rage, a road rage situation, but it wasn’t.”

According to Fox11, “The victim, who hasn't been publicly identified, grabbed on to the door frame, as the driver off, and as Pellerin recorded it from the next lane over.

“The victim's steel-tipped boots where literally sparking off the road. After about 3/4 of a mile, the victim let go, fell off, and the car sped off. He was banged up, but treated and released at the scene.”

When Pellerin caught up to the injured man, he offered aid and phoned the police. “The alleged carjacker was taken into custody without incident later that night in another part of LA after [the] victim's car was spotted and the LAPD ran the plates." The car-owner suffered only minor injuries and was treated and released by medical staff at the scene.

Authorities do NOT recommend that anyone attempt to stop a carjacking by hanging onto the car; the results could be much harsher than what happened in this case.

Thank goodness the victim lived to tell his tale, and that a concerned bystander like Reed Pellerin wasn’t afraid to step in and render assistance in a life-or-death situation.

To see the hair-raising incident for yourself, watch the video, below.


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