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Carrie Underwood Breaks Her Silence 10 Months After Her Freak Accident That Left Her Forever Changed; Now, Her Explanation Is Leaving All In Awe

September 19, 2018

When Carrie Underwood first made her introduction to the world in 2005 on the hit singing competition show, American Idol, she quickly captivated millions. With the voice and spirit of an angel, Carrie carried herself with elegance and grace. She was beautiful, talented, kind, and successful.

Carrie went on to experience the fairytale of Hollywood that so many only ever dream about. Her life changed dramatically as she sold out stadiums around the world and won award after award- 44 to be exact. After nearly eight years of consecutive triumphs, Carrie’s life took another change.

In November 2017, Carrie experienced a “random freak accident.” While she was home alone with her son, Carrie fell while walking into her home. She broke her wrist, chipped her teeth, and smashed her face. While there were no pictures of her accident, Carrie later revealed that she had to get more than 50 stitches and that following her fall, she might “not quite look the same.”

For several months after that, Carrie remained in hiding; she went from being a constant face in the public eye to virtually invisible. Fans were shocked- to say the very least. Had Carrie’s accident been that bad?

For months, there were only two questions: What did she look like now and what really happened. Without any trace of Carrie online, her scenario seemed a little fishy. Just a couple months later, Carrie bumped into a fan during a yoga class. The fan asked to take a picture with Carrie. Carrie said yes and the photo was posted on the internet- as all photographs all these days.

Fans were shocked; Carried looked the same. Why had Carrie led so many to believe that she was broken and different? There was virtually no change in her appearance.

In September 2018, Carrie made an appearance on the hit daytime talk show, Ellen. During which, Carrie debuted her growing baby bump and her face. Ellen took the chance to jump into getting the truth from Carrie herself.

Ellen asked, “You look fantastic and that must have been so scary.” She added, “I heard you say you were going to look different- do you think you look different? Because you don’t look different.”

In her response, Carrie finally revealed what everyone was wondering. She shared, “I feel like I do a little bit. My biggest worry at the time is that if I say nothing, then later on people are going to pick me apart and gonna say ‘What has she done to herself- electively?’ And the truth is, it was not a choice.” She added, “But now I feel close to myself. I feel normal.”

We think she looks fantastic! What about you? Do you think she looks different?

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