Castaway People Take Castaway Dogs And Both Learn To Love Again! Grab A Tissue And Watch The Amazing Transformation That Takes Place In Both Hearts!

August 02, 2017

Abused, battered, neglected, given up on, thrown away, traded in for something new and left with the high possibility of never seeing the sun again.  These unwanted mans best friend and fur babies are also known as shelter dogs.  


In some cases, there’s a percentage of dogs that come into the shelter that has a traumatic history so heartbreaking and severe that they’re unplaceable and euthanized within four to eight days.


In this Castaways documentary, you will see inmates working with these abused, scared and unplaceable dogs, just like Esther.  This Prison Trained K9 Companion Program is life changing.  See how both broken lives come together, the miraculous change that takes place in both hearts and the hope that conspires to live and love again!


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