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Cat Fears His Humans Have Forgotten Him, So His Grumbling Tummy Sends Him On Dangerous Mission To Avoid Starvation. You’ll Stand Up and Cheer As You Watch Him Nab His Prey

September 01, 2017

OK. Before you watch this video, make sure your cats are out of the room. You don’t want them getting any ideas from watching this sneaky kitty. If they do, you’ll have to put locks on your fridge and all your cabinets in order to keep your food safe from his prying paws.

We all know that cats are hunters by nature. They are great at finding food and are not shy about bragging about that fact. Years ago, we had a cat, named Mariah, who decided she wanted to be an outdoor cat. I’ll never forget when she triumphantly returned home from her first day’s adventures and proudly presented us with the fresh mouse she had just caught. Other critters just don’t have a chance when these stealthy felines are on the prowl - not when dinner is on the line!

Most cats, however, live the cushy life inside a comfortable home. Without the opportunity to practice their hunting skills, you might think they would lose those instincts. Never fear! You’ll discover, right away, that the cat in our video is keeping up with his training.

After all, you never know when a natural disaster, or some other unexpected catastrophe, will come along that might prevent his humans from providing his daily sustenance. He never wants to be caught without easy access to his favorite foods. Nope, not this guy.

I have a feeling he’ll be alright if he ever decides to give up his current accommodations to rough it in the great outdoors. This guy always knows where his nearest meal can be found, and he’s not shy about going for it!

You’ll definitely chuckle, and maybe even cheer for this clever cat as he stalks and captures his prey in the wilds of his human’s freezer!

Do you know a wily cat who has done anything like this?

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