Cat Owner Installs Cat Door. Then Cat Shows Him What He Really Thinks And Makes Millions Laugh

July 25, 2017

If you have a cat, you know that the only down fall to owning a cat is... THE LITTER BOX. It takes up space, it smells terrible and it's just plain inconvenient. So the invention of the cat door has revolutionalized many cat-loving homes. If you have the ability to install one, then for the it! It will change your life, it definitely changed mine.

Brian a cat owner decided it was time to put a cat door to use. He worked tirelessly for hours installing a door for his beloved cat. Once he was done he couldn't wait to see how his friendly feline would respond. He excitedly calls his cat, Philo over to see the door but what Brian didn't anticipate was how his cat would react to his hard work.

Talking to the camera, Brian said, "I just installed this brand new cat door. Let's see if Philo likes it. Okay, try out your new door. Good kitty, good kitty! Yeah, try out your new cat door..." What happens next is what is making millions laugh. This video is too funny, watch the epic fail below:

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