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Catastrophic Rainfall Caused Enormous Blob To Form Under The Grass. Wait Until You See What Happens When Man Tries To Pop It

February 21, 2018

Nature can be a very interesting beast. It’s incredible to see just how much it can affect the world around us. When rain falls, the ground graciously soaks it in, making all the greenery and plants renewed and revived.

If too much rain falls, it can cause flooding and other catastrophes. In Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, it rained a near record amount! The torrential downpour caused his yard to do something he’d never before witnessed.

When he rounded the corner of his yard, he noticed a massive bulge in the yard. When he walked closer, his jaw dropped. Under the surface of the grass, the water had puddled up so much that it had formed a bubble of liquid. He stepped on it, and it looked as though he was walking on a trampoline!

He grabbed a lawn tool in an attempt to alleviate the water pressure. What happened next was the craziest part of all! Check out the video, below, to see just what took place.


Have you ever seen anything like this happen before?

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