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He Had Hoped To Catch Dinner For His Wife, But No One Ever Expected Him To Catch This

March 23, 2018

There’s almost nothing better than heading out to the water, dropping a line in the water, and waiting for a fish to nibble on the bait. The moment you see just a tiny little ripple, adrenaline floods your body before you muster up the strength the bring in the catch, no matter how big or small it may be.

When Austin went fishing out in the Tennessee River, he had hoped that he’d catch a catfish or two for dinner later that evening. He baited his hook and waited in a canoe. After what seemed like an eternity of no bites or rippled in the water, he began to head back to the dock.

That’s when his sinker started moving. Austin felt the slightest tug on his line and while he had hoped for a good size catfish, the tug was so small that he figured he just caught some debris in the water.

But then he felt it again…

He watched his line; it bobbed every so slightly in the water. It moved maybe just a couple centimeters on both ends of the water, but then, he saw it! The line sunk way down into the water! And I mean way down!

Austin couldn’t believe his eyes! He had something on his hook that was a lot bigger than “dinner for two.” He just had no idea what it was! He started to bring in the fishing line using all of his strength. Whatever was on the other end was giving him a good fight!

Finally, the thing on the other end of the line began to surface. Austin couldn’t believe his eyes.

He had just pulled in a massive catfish. A catfish so huge that he wasn’t even sure that’s what it was! When he pulled it up next to the water, the catfish was nearly half the size of his canoe! It must have been over 100 pounds! He wouldn’t believe the fish that he had caught! It was the biggest catfish he’d ever seen in his life! He hoped to just catch enough food for dinner, but that catfish alone was enough to feed his family for three weeks!

When his wife began recording Austin’s massive catch on her phone, she asked if he was going to keep him. His response was certain with an ounce of concern: “I don’t eat things that could eat me!”

Austin released the massive catfish back into the Tennessee River. It may have been the catch of a lifetime, but he was serious when he said he didn’t eat things that could eat him! Check out the video below to see the huge catfish! Have you ever seen a catfish this big?!


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