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Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge: Wife, Mother, Royalty...And Professional Photographer! Can She Get Any More Perfect??

February 08, 2018

You know all those lovely photographs you’ve seen of the adorable Prince George and the precious Princess Charlotte? The ones that capture just the right expression with just the right lighting at just the perfect moment? That photographer must cost a fortune to hire, right??

Remember those historic first-day-of-nursery-school pics? Of both Prince George in 2013, and Princess Charlotte earlier this year? There is something undeniably unique and insightful in what was captured in those shots. Gorgeous!!

I imagine that it is true that you would have to pay a pretty penny if you wanted the same professional to snap pics of your little darlings. In fact, I dare to say that it would be next to impossible to ever engage her services.

But it’s not because she charges a fortune or that she won’t cross the pond to do her magic. It’s because she makes herself available to ONLY the Royal Family and she’s not interested in expanding her business.

And what would you say if I told you that, to retain her exclusive services for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, not a pence or a pound comes out of the Royal coffers?

Surely you’ve guessed! That’s right. It’s because the brilliant photographer who has snapped some of the most charming pics of the darling Royal children is none other than the Duchess herself!

Yes, The Duchess of Cambridge has shown great skill and natural instinct behind the camera. In fact, in 2015, Kate broke with tradition by taking the first official photographs of her newborn daughter, Charlotte. No member of the Royal Family before her has ever done so.

”Kate is genuinely good at taking portraits,” declares longtime Royal photographer Arthur Edwards. He goes on to say, “She fills the frame and uses natural light.” He adds, “She has captured some amazing pictures of her children. The siblings’ sweet bond was apparent from the very first portrait.” We couldn’t agree more!!

This is only the beginning. If you'd like to see more fabulous photos of the Duchess' favorite subjects, George and Charlotte, click on the video, below. Enjoy!

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