Two Feline Brothers Were Abandoned Behind A Garbage Can. After Being Rescued They Now Go On Adventures That Most Humans Only Dream Of

August 31, 2017

When two friends hear soft mewing behind a garbage bin at a local park, they discover that someone has abandoned two small kittens there. Their plan is to take the cats to the local shelter, but, upon arrival, they discover the shelter is already closed. The women have already planned a two-day hiking, camping, and canoeing trip for the next day. Unsure of what to do with the felines, they decide to bring the tiny orphans along! 

During that trip, the brothers steal their hearts and the ladies decide they have to keep their new furry companions. They name one Bolt, after a climbing bolt, because he has quite a kink in his tail. The other brother becomes Keel, after the keel of a sailboat. Since that first trip, the cats go just about everywhere with their humans and they love every minute of it! 

Keel is the more adventurous of the two brothers and loves hiking, snow-pawing, back scratches, and climbing. You can often find Keel leading the way on their excursions. 

Bolt is the more relaxed brother and, while he loves swimming, kayaking, and leaping off of things, he also loves to be cuddled close. Bolt prefers to be carried along the trail rather than walking. 

Their people, friends, Danielle and Kayleen, always keep the brother's safety in mind when bringing them on various adventures. When they are out on the trails, the brothers each wear a harness and leash. That way, if they encounter a dog or wild animal, they can easily be scooped up and out of danger. 

When Bolt and Keel hit the water, kayaking, canoeing, or sailing, they almost always sport cute little life vests. I would personally be terrified to take my cat on any type of boat as they would most likely freak-out and claw me to pieces! Not Bolt and Keel, though. They take each new adventure in stride and, according to their people, have been spooked only twice. Once, by the ocean waves, and the other, by cars in a parking lot. They solved that dilemma by no longer taking them to the beach and by staying more in the wilderness, away from cars. 

Whether the weather is sunny, rainy, or even snowy, you will often find Bolt and Keel out on a grand adventure! They, of course, dress accordingly, in cute matching cat-sized rain jackets and hooded faux fur coats! 

If you go out on your own adventures in Canada, you may just get a chance to meet these two charming adventure-loving brothers! Their blog and Facebook page are kept up-to-date about where their next exciting excursion will take place and they even have a book coming out soon. When not out on the trail, the brothers become indoor adventure cats and like to lie around and be lazy. Their many exploits, however, prove that cats don't have to live by that stereotype if they don't want to! 

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