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Celebrity Television Host Publicly Bashes Queen Elizabeth, Sending The Internet Into An Immediate Uproar

May 08, 2018

When a member of the British royal family is mentioned in the news, more often than not it is in a highly honorable manner. They are highly esteemed by many globally, and speaking of them as such is common practice. During Queen Elizabeth’s long reign as Queen of England, she has left a lasting mark on many.

Her graceful poise and commanding spirit bring a sense of comfort and stability, knowing that they are cared and protected under her reign. Unfortunately, some tend to see it otherwise, making her the butt of their jokes.

For years, many have huddled around television sets to watch riveting episodes of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. As the questions build in difficulty, so does the tension. To ease such tension, the host typically tries to lighten the mood by comical jokes and witty comments.

In a recent episode, host Jeremy Clarkson started off the show with a joke, but many think he took things a bit too far. In his opening dialogue, he mocked Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, making light of their lifestyle. Much to his surprise, this joke definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

Clarkson said, “You know the drill. You get 15 questions right, and you could be living like a queen.” He quickly followed this by saying, “Six draughty houses and an elderly Greek man in the bedroom.”

The audience laughed, but it was laughter full of uncomfortable nervousness. At that moment, Clarkson knew he had taken it too far. Before it got any worse, he said, “What? Err, whatever! Let’s play the fastest finger first.”

Within seconds, viewers flooded social media outlets, pointing out his “joke.” While some found it a bit humorous and ran with the loose joke, others seemed a bit unnerved by his bold statement.

This just goes to prove what we’ve known all along: with the quick and easy access to the internet, nothing goes without notice. One person that should definitely be off any comical radar is Queen Elizabeth.

What do you think about this? Do you think that Clarkson should be reprimanded for his behavior?


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