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Challenge Is On To See 'Who Wore It Better’ Between Nephew And Uncle. Check Out These Adorable Pics

October 17, 2017

Katrina Behm had a fantastic idea. One day, her 18-month old son, Augie, would not get dressed and was running around the house with his shirt unbuttoned. It reminded her of her brother, Aristotle Polites, who had moved to New York City to become a model.

Behm said she found a picture of her brother’s shirt unbuttoned and sent it to her family, along with one of Augie doing the same, asking, ‘Who wore it better?’” "They were just laughing and saying I should share them online” - and that's how 'Baby and the Body' was created in December 2016. Check out the first post, below.

The account has already gained fame with over 5,000 followers and counting. Behm updates the site once a week with ‘Man Crush Monday’ posts, challenging people on who wore it better posts, and #mcm. Polites said, “I’m perfectly fine with her making fun of me.” He continued, “I thought it was hilarious.”

“I’m always laughing imagining the scenario of her trying to get Augie to do what she wants him to do,” said Polites. “It’s funny how much effort I can tell she has to put in to find matching clothing.”

Behm even emails her 88-year-old grandma before she posts them to Instagram so that she can get the first look. “I send her the photo on Sunday nights and call her and she goes, ‘Is it time?!’” said Behm. “So she’ll run upstairs with me on the phone because she wants me to be on the phone when she first looks at it.”

We just love this and think it's adorable. What a fun thing to do for her family and for the rest of the world to see. Can't wait to see what pictures are coming next!

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