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Charles May Be Wearing The Crown Sooner Than We Think. Here's Why

November 02, 2018

It looks as though Prince Charles is transitioning into his mother’s role as Monarch. Queen Elizabeth sent Charles to fulfill yet another of her usual duties, something that she has been doing more and more lately.


At 92 years old, the Queen must be thinking about the day when she can hand the crown over to her son for good. So it makes perfect sense that she would be sending him out to get a taste of what it will be like. And with the Prince of Wales set to turn 70 in November, he must be wishing the same thing!


This week Charles and wife Camilla traveled to the University of Aberdeen to hand out The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education, something the Queen has always done personally. But, she felt more than comfortable sending her eldest son in her stead and relished the opportunity to watch his 'King-ing" skills in action.


The monarch has more duties and responsibilities than any of us could possibly comprehend, and it’s no wonder that the Queen is showing signs of lightening her load. In fact, her husband, Prince Philip has officially backed off on his own duties.

At 97, the Prince Consort has expressed a desire for things to settle down, proclaiming that he has “already done his bit.” Thus, in August of 2017, he officially retired from Royal duties. We can only imagine that the Queen might love to do the same.


Whatever Queen Elizabeth decides to do, retire or reign until the day she dies, we have to admire her energy and dedication at an age when most people would have already been retired for decades.


If she does decide to step down, no one could blame her. After all, she has served the Commonwealth for over 66 years, the longest rule of any Monarch in history. 


And let’s face it, it would be nice if Charles could FINALLY start the job he’s spent his entire life training for. At nearly 70 years of age, I’d say it’s high time!! Goodness knows that if his mother keeps going as she's been, he won't be wearing the crown until he'si his eighties!!


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