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Princess Charlotte Paid Hilarious Tribute To Uncle Harry At Royal Wedding In Totally Unexpected Way, Leaving Witnesses Rolling On The Floor With Laughter

November 05, 2018

Prince Harry has made a reputation for himself as being a jokester, ham, clown, and cut-up. Over the years, photographers have captured some rather ’un-royal-like’ displays of Prince Charles’ and Princess’ Diana’s younger son. He has been caught mugging for the camera as he's light-heartedly gone through life in a way only Harry could do.

Now, to everyone’s amusement, there is another Royal who is displaying some of his same antics and, really, we should not be at all surprised to find out who it is.

Princess Charlotte, at only three years of age, has emerged as the bigger personality of the two older children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince George, who will be King one day, has charmed us in his own way, but in a more reserved and hesitant way. Younger sister Charlotte, however, has blasted onto the scene, almost from day one, fearlessly engaging the crowds with her bold charisma.

The most iconic of these occasions had to have been on the day of her little brother Louis’ birth. Daddy William left the hospital briefly to fetch the older siblings of the new prince. When the threesome got out of the car at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, all eyes were peeled for photo-worthy shenanigans out of the pint-sized royals as Daddy escorted them into the building.

George was a little restrained and shy, mostly looking down as he walked. But not sister Charlotte. As soon as she caught sight of the crowd that had gathered, she immediately transformed into the consummate royal - making eye contact with her fans and delighting everyone with her signature royal wave.

She seemed to be eating up every second of it and seemed a bit disappointed when her moment in the sun ended at the doorway of the hospital.

That is why it should not have surprised any of us to see the little Princess’ latest antics on the day of her Uncle Harry and now-Auntie Meghan’s wedding.

One quick-fingered photog caught the darling miss mugging for the camera inside the car carrying her family from the wedding to the reception.

And what they captured immediately took us back to a similar time decades ago when another zany royal had the press eating out of his little hands with his stunts.

In fact, we have more than one photo of Prince Harry acting silly for the cameras, and it seems as though his signature move at this particular phase was sticking his tongue out! He should be very proud of his niece, Charlotte, as she seems to have perfected her uncle’s maneuver!

Needless to say, it ought to be a lot of fun watching the next generation of Royals grow up, particularly as we catch little glimpses now and then of their unique personalities emerging.

No matter the titles, no matter the centuries of tradition behind their family’s lives, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are, above all, children.

Consequently, they are likely to act like any other little children under similar circumstances. And we wouldn't want it any other way!!

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