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ChiChi Hadn’t Felt A Loving Hand In Ages, Until Rescuers Stepped In

January 29, 2018

ChiChi is an adorable little Chihuahua who has faced a lot of pain and torment in her life. She lived alone on the streets, starving and trying her best to just make it through the day. Luckily, Hope For Paws animal rescue heard of her plight and was more than happy to help.

Working together with Paw Prints In The Sand, another animal rescue, they were able to corner ChiChi in the area she had claimed for sleeping. They fenced her in with a few baby gates, and they began the work of trying to save her. One of the Hope For Paws volunteers, Loreta Frankonyte, approached the terrified dog and began to gain her trust.

Moving slowly, she began to try and earn ChiChi’s affections, using hamburger patties and gentle words. When Loreta felt like ChiChi had calmed down, she reached out to the frightened dog. Unfortunately, ChiChi was out of her mind with fear and lashed out, nipping Loreta.

After trying again, they decided that the best course of action was to remove ChiChi from the corner so that she would stop feeling trapped. As they slowly dragged her out after slipping a lead around her, ChiChi was quickly bribed with more food and she began to realize that maybe they weren’t so bad. Once they slipped a second leash around her, they took the time to relax with her and get her used to them.

After scanning her for a microchip, which she did not have, they took her back with them. They gave her a warm bath to get rid of all of the dirt that she had collected from her time on the streets. She was also covered in small bug bites, and it was clear that she had been a feast for small flying insects.

The next day, after a chance to decompress and settle in, she began to show her true colors. She was bouncing around, excited and playful as she was given the opportunity to become the dog she was always meant to be. She was swiftly placed in a foster home, where she gets a chance to be a wonderful and loved pet while she waits for her very own loving forever family.