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Chihuahua Encounters Newborn Baby For The Very First Time. The Dog's Reaction Surprises Everyone!

October 04, 2017

Staring out the front door, Milo grows more anxious by the second as he waits eagerly for his mom to walk inside the house. As the mom opens the back car door, the clever Chihuahua determines that his mom isn't alone. As she removes the baby carrier, Milo’s excitement grows. Whatever is inside, he can sense that they are bound to become bosom buddies!

The moment has come. Mom walks into the house with her 2-day old baby girl, and you can't help but wonder how the dog is going to react. Instantly, Milo begins his happy dance - bouncing around, jumping on furniture, and running from room to room. The playful pup senses that whoever is in the carrier is someone special, and this fun-loving dog is ready to be introduced. The mom places the carrier on the ground, and immediately the dog runs over and gives the baby girl a quick sniff. The sniff quickly turns into two sweet licks, and it becomes official. Milo is in love with his new baby sister.

The sweet affection does not end there. Before you know it, Milo brings over his rope and gently places it on the baby. He's ready to share his most prized possessions with his new bundle of joy. Their relationship is already forming, and the bond that will continue to develop in the years to come will be extraordinary for the both of them. It's truly an adorable video that shows the beginning stages of a deep friendship between a baby and her dog. Their pleasant walks, lively playdates, and beautiful memories together have only just begun.

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