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Chilling New Details Point To Shocking Motive For YouTube Shooter's Vengeful Rampage

April 05, 2018

When 39-year-old San Diego resident Nasim Najafi Aghdam entered the San Bruno, California campus of the social media giant, YouTube, she had vengeance on her mind.

That's what TMZ is reporting on the heels of shocking new details about the woman's comings-and-goings in the days leading up to the murders.

Aghdam, reportedly, was incensed that her YouTube channel had been unfairly censored and that she was being discriminated against for her beliefs.

She also claimed that other people had similar postings and were not treated the same as she was. She also claims that her videos had been demonetized, robbing her of income she should have received from ads on her postings.

Aghdam, a self-proclaimed vegan, P.E.T.A. member, and yoga instructor had taken her complaints to the YouTube support team on several occasions but nothing was solved to her satisfaction. Frustrated by her inability to get this issue resolved may have been the catalyst that soon escalated into an act of vengeance.

Now, news reports are saying that on the morning of the murders, Aghdam visited a gun range to practice her shooting and then traveled to the San Bruno location where she reportedly gained access to the secure facility by entering a parking lot and proceeding into the building from there.

There, she was able to gain access to areas where employees were located. She proceeded to shoot three people before turning the gun on herself, committing suicide.

Aghdam's brother claims his sister was a good person who used her YouTube channel to advocate against animal cruelty, and he is at a loss to explain why she had been treated by the media giant in this way.

The brother also says that the family reported Nasim missing last weekend when she stopped answering her phone after repeated attempts to reach her. They then notified police.

According to CNN, Aghdam "shot and wounded three people before killing herself. Two of her victims have been released from the hospital, and one remains in serious condition."

There is no known link between Aghdam and her victims, leading officials to conclude that they were chosen at random.

The investigation is ongoing, with further details to be released once they are known.

To learn more about Aghdam's story, including the likely motive for her unconscionable attack, watch the video, below.

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